This Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Conditions of website use for and discloses how Vietnam Airlines (hereinafter referred to as “Vietnam Airlines”, “we” or “us”) collects, stores and handles the personal information or data (hereinafter referred to as “Personal information”) of its Customer, including Vietnam Airlines frequent flyer, users of Vietnam Airlines’ website at (hereinafter referred to as “Website Users”), and other persons using Vietnam Airlines’ call centers and sales offices.
We are committed to protecting your personal information and will use our best endeavors and take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information you provide for us while using this website will be remained confidential and protected from unauthorized access but Vietnam Airlines does not warrant against all unauthorized accesses.
Vietnam Airlines reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time if necessary, the updated version will be posted on our website and date stamped so that you can aware of when the Privacy Policy was last updated.

Article 1. Purposes of Personal information collection

  1. To process and administer the reservation and issuance of tickets for Customer (including booking online);
  2. To ensure the safety of online payment transactions;
  3. To provide the extra travel options and service changes;
  4. To send Users latest promotion and offers in connection with our products and services;
  5. To receive information, comments, suggestions, claims of Users to improve the service quality of Vietnam Airlines;
  6. To contact Users regarding their enquiries.

Article 2. Items of Personal information to collect and handle

  1. Personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, passport or other personally identifiable number (date of issuance, place of issuance); nationality, language;
  2. Contact information such as telephone number, mailing address, email address, fax number;
  3. Payment information of credit or debit card such as name of cardholder, card number, expiry date, verification code;
  4. Personal information that is generated automatically when Users using Website such as IP information, cookies, website log.

The aforementioned Personal Information is required for specific services, Customers have the right to refuse or not to provide sufficient information required. In such circumstance, we may be unable to deliver you the services in full quality.

Article 3. Methods of Personal Information collection

We collect the Personal Information referred in Article 2 through our Website and sales office.

Article 4. Period for Personal Information retention

We will retain all Personal information collected on our internal system in the period of services provision or as long as fulfilling the purposes which it was collected or until the Personal information are required to be deleted by Customers.

Article 5. Disclosure of Collected Personal Information

We may disclose the Personal Information with and to third parties, such as our travel agents, service providers or travel-related businesses pursuant to prior consent of Customers for the purpose of providing the best services to Customers.

We will use its best endeavors to ensure that its employees, officers, agents, consultants or such other third parties mentioned above who are involved in the collection, processing and disclosure of Personal Information will observe and adhere this Privacy Policy.

Besides, we may disclose your Personal Information to competent authorities, law agencies and government for security, customs, immigration and other purposes provided in law to the extent required by such bodies or by law. 

Article 6. Deletion of Personal Information

  1. Deletion procedure

The applicable information gets deleted after it is retained for a certain time period in accordance with the internal policy and for other reason for the protection of information by relevant law (Refer to Article 4 Period for Personal Information retention).

  1. Deletion method

Personal information printed on the paper shall be purged using paper shredder or by burning them, and personal data stored in the electronic files shall be purged using the technical method that makes the records unrecoverable.

Article 7. Customer’s rights to the Personal Information collected

Request to view, edit and delete their own personal information at our sales office.

Article 8. Personal Information of children

We collect and use personal information of children under fourteen (14) years only after receiving consent of the children’s legal representative and/or guardian. Children’s legal representative and/or guardian may request to view, edit their children’s personal information or to alter or remove consent at our sales offices.

Article 9. Technical Measures for protecting Personal Information

To secure the safety of Personal Information from a loss, theft, leak, falsification, or damage, we employees the following technical, managerial, physical devises as:

  1. The important personal information is stored and managed in password protected mode within the limited access.
  2. Measures against the hacking
  3. We do its best to prevent customers’ Personal Information from leakage or damage by hacking or computer virus.
  4. Using the access suspension system, unauthorized accesses from outside are controlled.
  5. Minimization of number of employees for managing Personal Information.
  6. Operation of an organization exclusively for protecting Personal Information

We make sure that the protection for Personal Information is implemented and the person in charge of it complies with the required policy.

This Privacy Policy is updated to date as of 20th February 2017.

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